Sustainable Groundwater

Climate Justice Fund Project :  Climate Change Adaptation: Long-Term Ground Water Resource Management

Today's Groundwater for Tomorrows World


Water Resource Management

The Climate Justice Fund Project on Long-Term Groundwater Resource Management is working with NGO's and Government Organisations to better understand groundwater resources and to share Knowledge and build Capacity that will underpin Climate Change Adaptation in the region.


Rural Africa is dependent on groundwater resources,

​Management is Key to Sustainable Water Supply

Groundwater  Data


IWRM and Policy

The Climate Justice Fund Project worked together with local communities, NGO's, and Local, Regional and National Government for horizontal and vertical engagement on Groundwater Resource Management

The Climate Justice Fund Project has worked with Local and National Gov't review water resource management and groundwater data, then identify areas where Policy may limit implementation of Integrated Water Resource Management

The Climate Justice Fund Project has undertaken to map all water points in the District of Chikhwawa, Malawi, measure water chemistry, map risks to water quality (Pit Latrines, Waste Pits, etc.) & Review Borehole Drilling within the Water Resources Act (2013).

Communities in the Mwanza River Valley were chosen for CJF groundwater resource investment based on need as agreed with Local Government in Chikhwawa District Council


Mapping of all groundwater points

in Chikhwawa provided local

government and NGO's

with detailed information

of the communities in most

need of groundwater resource


Community Enhancement

Video Diaries

District Health Officer

DHO Chikhwawa talks about visit to Scotland (as a HydroNation)

  • Mapping of water points
  • Water quality analysis
  • Water economic and ecosystem study
  • Permaculture potential for food security
  • Community Led Sanitation

Range of Project Activities

Gender and Water

Project student Shona Rawlings speaks of gender and water study

Drilling Method Review

Hydrogeologist Reid Polmanteer speaks of working on CJF project in Chikhwawa

  • Review of Groundwater Drilling Practices
  • IWRM Capacity Building and Policy engagement
  • Knowledge sharing with World Bank Shire Basin Project
  • Transboundary Groundwater Review
  • Groundwater resource impacts on gender


Integrated Sanitation


Capacity and



Project student Alistair Halcrow speaks of using wasted groundwater for Permaculture